Mighty Charge Induction Charger

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30 days money back guarantee

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Tired of running out of battery on the street?

We know how horrible it is to run out of battery on the street, especially when we need to call an Uber, it's desperate, right? It's horrible to depend on outlets and it's even worse to find them when we're on the street, but there is a solution for that.

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Don't depend on outlets to charge your smartphone anymore

With the Mighty Charge, there's no mystery: just put it on and take it off when you want, charge whenever you want wherever you are, don't depend on outlets anymore, the convenience you deserve. That's it, straight to the point!

The Mighty Charge is different...

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You can use your phone while it charges without depending on any outlet.

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Intelligent Identification

It identifies your phone, if you put the charger in your bag with other metal objects like keys, it identifies and does not waste energy on other objects.

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Power Charging

Large area integrated wireless charging coil, high conversion rate, fast charging.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I was impressed as soon as I took the box out of the packaging, tested it and it worked super well, I'm loving the experience.

Hannah K.


Very good, I use it on the S22+ it charges in 1 hour and 20, very good indeed, automatic charger used in combination to charge kindle and ps5 controller.

Logan M.


Excellent charging base! Extremely light and with great length of wire, it's smaller than I thought but it doesn't interfere with use.

Shayane R.


Frequent Questions

No. Just use a compatible source with enough power to charge it.

No; if your smartphone is compatible with wireless charging, the case will not interf

Before purchasing the Mighty Charge, check compatibility with your smartphone's manufacturer.


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Worldwide shipping 

We ship worldwide with insurance and online tracking code

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30 days guarantee 

30 days money back guarantee.


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Safe payment

Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process. 

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